Key Features

Business Process Tools

Slipstream's Transport and Courier Solutions provide a wide range of functionality. Tools include:

  • — Tranport Bookings
  • — Courier Bookings
  • — Warehouse Bookings
  • — Client Cards
  • — Operators Cards
  • — Accounting (Invoices & Statements)
  • — Drivers Cards
  • — Report Generator
  • — Address Book
  • — Historical Activities

Transport and Courier Solutions

Slipstream Advantage is the fastest-growing provider of commercial logisitcal solutions in Australia. Manage your entire logistical operations from a central application.


Slipstream's core strength is its Logistics (Transport, Warehousing, Couriers) solution. Features such as live booking, job costing, driver dispatch, Proof Of Delivery and integreated invoicing make it a full-service solution.


The following links provide screenshots of various sections of the Transport and Courier solution.

Control Panel


The standard solution contains the following features:

Job Booking Form

Jobs are entered and automatically costed.


Manage freight storage, allocation and handling fees.

Dispatch and Manifests

Create driver run sheets, or allocate jobs in real-time.

POD Notifiction

Automatically process PODs and send client notifications.

Activity Reporting

Generate practically any report based on you collected data.

Email and SMS Alerts

Communication with clients, drivers and agents.

Accounts Processing

Invoicing and Statement can be generated by the system.

Client Cards

Create client cards with unique costing models.

Live Demo

There's no better way to understand our solutions than to take them for a test drive. Contact us today for organise an on-site demonstration.