State of the Art

Slipstream utilizes the latest development technologies such as open source dynamic scripting languages and relational database management systems including PHP and MYSQL.


Rapid Development Toolkit

Slipstream has created a proprietary toolkit of functional modules that it wraps around clients specific business applications. Below are example of these modules.

Data Entry

Jobs (or Orders) are entered into a pre-defined form, containing elements such as text boxes, drop-down list, radio buttons, file/image loader and checkboxes. Elements can be assigned a 'required' status that mandates that the field is to be completed by the user.

Data Summary

The job Summary section presents a table view of all information captured in the Job Order form and includes the ability to sort/order and filter results based a predefined criteria (such as an order type, date range, etc). Results can be exported to excel for off-line analysis.

User Access and Personal Information

Application users are entered and stored in this module. Each user is assign a login username and password, and is assigned access restrictions to every other module (or components thereof) which limits data that they can see and modify.

Communications and Alerts

Communication between the application and users is achieved through email and SMS features. Communications can be trigger by application activities, key dates/times or as routine report. Communications can contain text, images, files and links.


Security of the data, and prohibiting unauthorized access is a standard feature in all applications. Beside username and password restrictions, specific IP acceptance lists limit who and from where applications can be accessed

Accounting Processes

A general purpose accounting module automates the process of generating and distributing invoices and statements. These documents can be automatically distributed as email attachments, or accessed by clients via a secure link.


Custom reports can be generated for any data contained within the application. There is no limit to the number, nor the complexity of these dynamically generated reports. Reports can be predefined or created on-the-fly.


The Administration module enables authorized users to review and modify the functionality of the application. User creation/deletion is managed here, as well as historical activity and user access logs.


Open source relational data management tools enable applications to communicate with a wide variety of data sources, both static and web-based. Raw data can be imported or exported from the system is popular formats such as XML, Excel and practically another other known format.

Service and Support

Slipstream provides a wide range of application support and training. A majority of this is performed in group training sessions (or train the trainer scenarios). Ongoing support is provided at an hourly rate. Alternatively, an automated ticketing-system can capture user issues/data discrepancies and forward them onto the designated application administrator.