Business Process Improvement

We are network of business professionals that exist to empower people in business, so that they can spend more time, doing the things that really count. 
We evaluate and automate laborious and non revenue generating tasks, by creating easy to use systems and process improvements, designed to serve people, and not vice versa.
We add value to businesses, increased efficiency to all aspects of operations and real savings to your bottom line.

System Views

Below are screenshots of various sections of the Slipstream solution





System Features

The standard solution contains the following features:

  • — Sign on Glass
  • — GPS Tracking
  • — Route Optimization
  • — Auto Email Notificaiton
  • — Drag and Drop Products
  • — Shared Calendars
  • — Multi Platform (Browser, Android, Apple, Windows)
  • — User Matrix
Live Demo

Contact us today for a comprehensive demonstration. We'll guide you through the key features and funcitons, and then leave it with you to explore.