Key Features

Business Process Tools

Slipstream's Sales Force Mobility Solutions provide a wide range of functionality. Features include:

  • — Order Processing
  • — Apointment Management
  • — Customer Management
  • — Product Management
  • — Dynamic Pricing
  • — Client Cards
  • — Driving Mileage
  • — Invoices & Statements
  • — Timesheets
  • — Dynamic Reports/Dashboards
  • — Address Book
  • — Historical Activities

Sales Force Automation


Slipstream's Sales Force Automation (SFA) System delivers an end-to-end hosted solution for managing all aspects of mobile sales reps activities. SFA software provides sales teams with a 360 degree view into alls aspect of their customer relationships, including past sales, suggested orders, appointment scheduling, new product alerts and inventory and account status. Sales Reps are armed with the tools that help them sell better, and meet their KPI's. Managers retain complete visibility and control with real-time messaging and dashboard reporting.


The following links provide screenshots of various sections of the Sales Force Automation solution.





System Features

The standard solution contains the following features:

  • — Sign on Glass
  • — GPS Tracking
  • — Route Optimization
  • — Auto Email Notificaiton
  • — Drag and Drop Products
  • — Shared Calendars
  • — Multi Platform (Browser, Android, Apple, Windows)
  • — User Matrix
Live Demo

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