Key Features

Business Process Tools

Slipstream's Document and Contract Management Solutions provide a wide range of functionality. Features include:

  • — Document and Image Upload Manager
  • — Intuiative User Interface
  • — Multi-Format Document Loader
  • — Key Event Email and SMS Reminder
  • — Check-in/Check-out Manager
  • — Advance Textual Content Search Engine
  • — User Access Privledge Area
  • — Document Categorization
  • — User Access and Revision History
  • — Unlimited Documents and Users

Document and Contract Management

Slipstream's Document and Contract Management solutions are designed to meet critical and time-sensative operational needs.


Slipsteam's solutions centralize documentation storage through expandable, web-based storage centers and intelligent, scalable browser interfaces. The application tools are capable of managing very large databases and numbers of users.


The standard solution contains the following features:

Document/Image Upload Manager

Word, Excel, PDF, Text

Intuiative User Interface

Control panel and customizable views

Event Reminder

Automated Email and SMS messenging

Check-in/Check-out Manager

Version control

Textual Search Engine

Customized filters and searches

User Access Restrictions

Locking of sensative documents

Document Categorization

Index documents for grouping and searches

User Access and Revision History

Complete Tracability

Unlimited Documents and Users

*Limited to the size of the web-server

Live Demo

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